Project Management

DANCAS Consulting is valued for its in-depth local knowledge and client service. However, we are also highly regarded for our engineering ingenuity, best-practice standards, and our ability to deliver innovative, functional and cost effective solutions in all matters related to Feasibility Study on Power Projects, Urban& Rural Electrification projects, Implementation of the Power, building, Urban& Water Supply projects.

We look working in close cooperation with corporates, government institutions and with internationally recognized organizations in the fields of architecture, land development and

community infrastructure projects. Our trusted partner status means that we are able to offer sound advice and guidance in the project management of building and infrastructure developments to ensure maximum performance and long life.

The dynamics of project management and the vital role that professional services play are well understood by us. That’s why we provide clients with an all-embracing solution that will not only manage the day-to-day physical aspects, but will cover project risk, cost-saving initiatives and total quality assurance from the Time of conception to handover – and beyond.